Stella Ghervas

Research Interest: History of European Unification

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History of the European Unification, from the Congress of Vienna to the Treaty of Lisbon 

This is a study of "europeanizing" political notions that existed prior to 1945, in the XIXth century and even as early as the XIXth, which prefigured the current European construction project. The idea was born in the wake of an article published in 2006 on the project of Constitution Treaty, "Could the values of the Constitutional project establish a European imagination?" followed by several participations to symposia on the European identity and imaginations.

The fundamental influence of the philosophical and religious ideas of a small "elite" on the political balances in Europe, at the time of the Congress of Vienna, had already been approached in the PhD thesis of Stella Ghervas (published in 2008 in book form Réinventer la tradition, Alexandre Stourdza et l´Europe de la Sainte-Alliance, by Honoré Champion in Paris).


See also : Project «Expanded Europe: from the Holy Alliance to the Treaty of Lisbon» (IEA Paris, 2009-2010)