Stella Ghervas

Enlarged Europe: from the Enlightenment to the Treaty of Lisbon

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Seminar directed by Stella Ghervas
Institute for Advanced Studies (IEA) - Paris (France), 2009-2010

Enlarged Europe: from the Enlightenment to the Treaty of Lisbon
Location: IEA-Paris, 16-18 rue Suger, 75006 Paris

Following its recent territorial expansion, the European Union is undergoing a crisis (often considered as an “identity” crisis) caused by profound disagreements about a specific set of core ideas on the Europe-to-be. Yet the authors of European treaties had taken particular care in incorporating universal values into these texts.

What are those controversial ideas? What referents (i.e. aspirations, events, memories or imaginations) did they call up in the minds of the voters who rejected them in the ballots? This seminar proposes to trace those referents back to their origins, while broadening the focus both in time and space: by going beyond the conventional year of 1945 and considering all of expanded Europe.

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Lieu: IEA-Paris, Maison Suger, 16-18 rue Suger, 75006 Paris


1. Reassessing 1815, to understand the 27-Country Europe

2. The Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations

3. The values of political Europe

4. From the spirit of the Enlightenment to the ‘spirit of Lisbon’

5. Elites of the European Union: between myths and reality

6. Treaties of the European Union: from ideals to their application

7. What available options for Political Europe after the Treaty of Lisbon?